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Smiling Cooper helping Gitte write her novel

“Cooper–a ginger boy with an inflated opinion of himself–was originally from an animal shelter. Charming but ungrateful, he had firm ideas about what he wanted from a household and went wandering if his demands were not met. Eventually he came to be a writer’s cat–a lifestyle he heartily endorses.

Because of Cooper, I still have this bulky, old monitor rather than a flatscreen as he likes to perch on it and enjoy the creative atmosphere.

Personally, I’m not sure how anyone can write in a cat free household.”

— Gitte Christensen


Some cats like to stomp on special letters, others just prefer to lounge. 

What’s your cat’s preference? 

Submit your feline Muse photo here.

All that typing made me tired

Chandler referred to his cat, Taki, as his secretary

Raymond Chandler and Taki

Even the hard-boiled, tough-guy writers love cats. From Hemingway to Chandler, felines have been an omnipresent muse for authors throughout history.